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Macdonald Alveston Manor
Prices starting from £45 per person per night

The MacDonald chain of hotels and resorts promises you an unforgettable experience, and the MacDonald Alveston Manor, in Stratford-upon-Avon, is no exception.

The hotel is ideally situated just five minutes’ walk outside the historic town in a beautiful private estate, where you can enjoy the charm of Shakespeare’s birthplace whilst cherishing the peace and quiet that only true privacy bestows.

The MacDonald Alveston Manor makes a perfect romantic getaway in the midst of a cold winter, with warm fires roaring in every hearth. It’s also an ideal spot for a fairytale wedding, with its 113 luxury bedrooms that enable you to house all your guests under one roof.

Local Attractions
Mary Arden's House

Mary Arden's House

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The hotel is close to the picturesque Cotsowolds, and its historic design promises Shakespeare lovers some insight into what his fabled life must have been like.

You should not be surprised to hear sonnets and stories of great love told at the MacDonald Alveston Manor. The hotel’s famous cedar tree is thought to have been the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet, so you can expect to see more than two star-crossed lovers under its ancient branches. You may even be inspired to utter a few of the Bard’s words of love yourself..